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Partners of the Food Bank of Mendoza

Since the crisis of December 2001, and jointly with other mendocinean business companies, we formed the Food Bank of Mendoza. At present we are one of the company partners of the Bank, whose mission is to act as a bridge between the companies that commercialize food and people with alimentary needs. We not only donate goods in conditions of consumption, but we also dedicate management services to the local Food Bank since his formation.
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Mutual collaboration and learning with El Arca

Since the financial crisis of 2001, we got heavily involved as a company with some social undertakings. El Arca, a work and services cooperative made up by the residents of the San Martín neighborhood, is one of those undertakings.
El Arca manufactures sauces and preserves, and handcrafted textile products. From the growing of the raw materials, carried out in a farm of our property by young people taken out from a marginal situation, to the packing, labeling and marketing are done at El Arca.
It is a micro company established by its workers. Our own brand products, sauce, jams, and other preserves, are manufactured by El Arca under a mutual collaboration and learning agreement, by means of the application of better artisan-industrial practices.

Promotion of the 12 principles of the Conscious Consumer

Since 2008, La Marchigiana informs to the costumers the 12 principles of the conscious consumer on the back of all the receipts.
Established by the ONG Instituto Akatu (, the principles are the following:

1 - Plan your shopping
Don’t be impulsive while shopping. Plan it and you will shop less and better.

2- Evaluate the impact
The environment and society must be taken into account in your consumer choices.

3- Consume only the necessary
Think about your real needs and try to live with less.

4- Reuse products and packaging
Don’t buy again anything that you can repair, transform or reuse.

5- Separate your trash
Recycle and contribute with the economy of natural resources, the reduction of environmental deterioration and employment creation.

6- Use credit consciously
Evaluate if what you are going to buy with credit can’t wait, and make sure that you will be able to afford the payments.

7- Know and value the practices of Corporate Social Responsibility

Value the companies according to their responsibility with their employees, the community and the environment, not only price and quality, when making consumer choices.

8- Don’t buy counterfeit products
Always buy from the legal market. That way you will contribute to the creation of stable employment and fight organized crime and violence.

9- Contribute with the improvement of products and services

Take an active stand. Send to the companies your constructive criticism and suggestions about products and services.

10- Spread conscious consumption
Be a militant for the cause: raise awareness in other consumers and spread the information, values and practices of conscious consumption. Create groups to mobilize your family, friends and close people.

11- Demand from politicians
Demand from parties, candidates and the government proposals and actions that go into depth and make the practice of conscious consumption viable.

12- Think about your own values
Evaluate constantly the principles that guide your daily actions and decisions.

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